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Our catalog is a shopping-cart system, where you can browse our inventory and add items to your shopping cart. At checkout time you will have the option of paying for your order with a credit card via the PayPal system*, or you can send a check or money order by mail. In either case you don't need to fill out an order form, as the checkout procedure will send the order to us automatically by e-mail, and you will get an e-mail confirmation of your order.

*PayPal is safe and secure. If you don't have a PayPal account, you may set one up when you are checking out.

Shipping is year-round, weather permitting throughout transit, to a physical address only (no PO box, please), unless other arrange-ments have been made at your request. I prefer to ship US Postal Service Priority Mail. The shipping and handling charges are based on the order total, and they will be calculated automatically upon checkout. The following chart represents shipping and handling charges for shipping via US Postal Service.

Total Cost of Order
United States
Priority Mail
up to $36.00
$36.01 to $63.00
$63.01 to $90.00
$90.01 to $117.00
$117.01 to $144.00
over $144.00

The US Post Office indicates that a USPS Priority Mail package usually reaches its destination in 2-3 days, but the USPS does not guarantee this delivery time. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the shipment contents if your package gets delayed. USPS Express Mail usually reaches its destination the next day, and is a safer shipping method for longer distances.

If you wish to use an alternative shipping method that promises delivery by a specified time (UPS, FedEx, or USPS Global Express, for example), we will be glad to obtain a shipping quote, which is usually dependent upon desired transit time, package weight, and destination distance. Such services vary widely in price and may be significantly more than USPS Priority Mail. A nominal handling fee will still apply.

If you would like to use an alternative shipping method, please complete the order by selecting the USPS Priority Mail option. Choose "Pay by check or money order" even if you intend to pay by PayPal. Then use the "Contact Us" button to request a quote for the shipping method you prefer. If the quote is acceptable, we will send you a revised invoice, and you may pay it by PayPal, a personal check, or a money order. If the quote is unacceptable, you may cancel your order or select another shipping option.

I will ship the order on the first Monday or Tuesday following payment confirmation (to avoid shipments sitting over weekends). I will notify you of the shipment date, so you can anticipate delivery. Although I package very carefully and I haven't yet had a damaged shipment, I cannot guarantee that there might not be a problem in the future. Please notify me within 5 days if there is damage. If a leaf arrives beyond saving, I will replace it if possible; if not, I will give you credit or a choice of another leaf. Please do not discard the leaf until we've talked. A photo of the damaged leaf may be required to claim damage, and the buyer pays for shipment of the replacement leaf.

Thank you for your business. May your beautifully blooming violets bring you joy!

I've been growing, showing, judging, and selling African violets and their cousins since the mid-1970s. AVSA affiliates and their knowledgeable members have been my mentors since the first club show I attended in Southern California. Over the years, I've been associated with many aspects of AVSA, including attending 26 national conventions and compiling the AVSA Master List of Species and Cultivars for more than ten years. I strongly encourage anyone interested in African violets to join their local AVSA affiliate (or at least subscribe to the African Violet Magazine!), where members will graciously share successful growing methods, uniquely modified to meet the needs of your area.

Lynn Lombard
AVSA Lifetime Member
AVSA Commercial Member for 20+ years
AVSA Judge

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